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Royal Masquerade Ball

Royal Masquerade Ball

By Royal Decree of their most royal majesties,

king sir fandan chaddington III & queen Dame Cassandra Scudamore

doth hereby request thy presence at a

Royal Masquerade Ball
Sept. 27 @ 7pm

to be held on the grounds of the michigan renaissance festival
at the infamous blackstone castle!


Fancy yourself a dapper dresser with a flair for mystery? Step into another era and join the merry making at the Annual Michigan Renaissance Festival Masquerade Ball. Scheduled for 7 p.m. on Sept 27, 2024 (don't mind the rain; we are undeterred by such earthly whims), the gala event will take place at the historical Blackstone Castle.

Dive into the thrills of a sumptuous gourmet meal, melodious tunes, and a spirited dance floor. The clincher? A Mask Competition. (So bring your A-game—you'll want to!) Ticket price includes general admission, but please note: loyal subjects carrying the Season/Royal pass, alas, won't be privy to discounts on ball tickets. So, toss aside your farthingales and ruffled cravats, and let's descend onto the castle for a magical evening!

Your purchase will include general festival admission. Please remember to pre-purchase a parking pass (TICKETS ON SALE SOON).
*Vegetarian/Vegan options avaliable. Please call our office (248-634-5552, 9a – 4p, Mon. – Fri.) to place your order.

Cue the drumroll! Prepare to be delighted at a wondrous masquerade feast that’ll play tricks with your senses but treat your palate. We kick off our culinary parade with…


We kick off our culinary parade with Warm Crusty Bread​ loaded with Sweet Butter & Dipping Oil, working as a teaser to our star-studded Appetizer act, which brings forth Spinach Artichoke Puffs & Mini Shrimp Cocktails that'll leave you yearning for more.
But wait, we're just getting started! The next in line is our refreshing Orchard Salad, prepping you for the main feast.
Ah, the pièce de résistance, the show-stopper, the course you drool over- The Main Course. A spectacular duo waits here, none other than Stuffed Italian Chicken Wellington walking hand in hand with Sautéed Beef Tips with Wild Mushrooms. Accompanying them is a merry band of Roasted Vegetables & Fresh Baked Rolls aka, our savory symphony.
Spotted the finish line? Not yet! Our grand finale comprises of a luscious Cheesecake Crème Brulee, delicately garnished with Fresh Fruit.

We call it; the sugar-coated ending to an unforgettable night. So, are you in?