12600 Dixie Hwy., Holly, MI 48442

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye! The Royal Court cordially invites you to delight, indulge, gaze, shop, and uncover the wonders that await!

Hark! Cast aside your cares and embark upon a journey through time! In the village of HollyGrove, the 16th Century stirs once more, brimming with a day of revelry fit for a monarch! Over fourscore souls, clad in garments of yore, await your arrival. Witness the thunderous clash of steel as knights engage in a joust, their armor gleaming in the sun. Mingle with nobles of refined bearing, or rub shoulders with boisterous pirates fresh from the high seas. Fairies with wings of moonlight and elves of nimble step may flit amongst the throng, while hearty peasants go about their daily tasks. Even fearsome Vikings and daring jugglers add to the vibrant tapestry of this bygone era. Come one, come all, to this wondrous day in HollyGrove village!