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12600 Dixie Hwy., Holly, MI 48442


Phone No.



12600 Dixie Hwy., Holly, MI 48442


2023 Hours • Weekends & Labor Day

Aug. 19 - Oct. 1st • Festival Fri., Sept. 29

Parking & Traffic Info

Parking Information

We look forward to welcoming you for what is sure to be a MAGICAL season.
Our 44th anniversary will be the grandest Renaissance Festival in all the realm!

2023 Season: Aug. 19th – Oct. 1st; Weekends (Saturday & Sunday)
Plus Labor Day and Festival Friday September 29th, 2023

New Key Information sure to make for a pleasant arrival:

  • To our loyal patrons, in our continuous efforts to enhance your experience at the
    Michigan Renaissance Festival, we have implemented a new parking process.
  • We have retained the services of a professional parking company to manage and staff the festival parking operations. We believe this will result in a far superior parking experience.
  • Parking Passes are now needed to park on the Michigan Renaissance Festival grounds.
    • For your convenience Parking Passes may be purchased upon arrival to the Festival or you may purchase a daily Parking Pass online by visiting
    • Each Parking Passes costs $10.
    • Each Parking Pass is good for one single day of vehicle parking.
    • Vehicles parking at the Michigan Renaissance Festival will require a Parking Pass.
    • A Parking Pass is an included benefit for all Season and Royal Pass holders.
  • For additional information regarding OnSite Parking and to purchase your Parking Pass
    visit our website at

We hope this update finds you well and we eagerly anticipate a truly remarkable season!
Get your tickets today!
The Michigan family tradition, fit for royalty!

  • Day Of Purchase

    Passes are available for purchase upon arrival, at a cost of $10 each. Payment can be made in cash or via credit card. However, we highly recommend acquiring your pass in advance through our online ticketing platform to ensure a smooth parking experience, thus minimizing any potential delays.

  • Handicap Accessible Parking

    Handicap accessible parking spaces are available near the festival gate entrance. Vehicles must have appropriate plates or permits to park. There are no free parking benefits for handicap permit holders.

  • Arrive Early

    Our parking lot opens at 8:30a. There is plenty to see and do. Remember which Parking Lot your car is in. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with your surroundings to avoid confusion when you depart.

  • Avoid Being Towed

    Parking is strictly prohibited in fire lanes, in front of marked exits, on the sides of the roads at all times. Should you choose to disregard this rule, your vehicle will be towed at your own expense. Additionally, overnight parking of any vehicle, truck, trailer, etc. is not permitted.

  • Royal/Season Pass Holders

    If you have purchased a season/royal pass, please show your proof of purchase or medal to the parking attendant on duty to avoid parking fees.

In the event that you have not received your e-ticket through your email provided by, kindly inform us via email and we shall proceed to re-issue it. Thank you for your cooperation.

Traffic Information

Although our enchanted kingdom is totally worth a visit, we understand that the journey can occasionally feel like a treacherous expedition into the depths of gloom. Don’t fret, dear adventurers! We’ve got your back with some clever tips to light up your way and make sure your journey is as epic as it should be.

  • How to Get to The Festival

    Due to construction this year, there are detours to take if you are coming off the freeway. Northbound I-75 traffic will take US-24 (Dixie Highway) Exit 93 in the village of Clarkston and continue north to I-75 in Genesee County. Southbound I-75 traffic will be detoured in Grand Blanc Township and exit at Dixie Highway/Saginaw Road Exit 106, continuing on Dixie Highway to I-75 in Oakland County. Kindly refrain from depending solely on applications such as Google or Waze, as they might redirect you in the event of heavy traffic.

  • When to arrive

    The majority of our patrons arrive between 9:30 a.m. - 3 p.m., so to avoid long lines, we invite you to arrive early so you can be at the gate.

  • Anticipate crowds

    On a daily basis, we cater to an impressive number of 20,000 to 25,000 customers. We kindly request for your understanding as we anticipate a significant influx of patrons to our establishment during the duration of our festival.