Years ago in the Village of Hollygrove, magic was everywhere. You would see fairies flying and wizards casting spells of all kinds in the realm. Sometimes the spells were for fun or to make the realm bountiful. Other times, they were spells of protection; to keep evil out of the land. Those days have long since past. The fairies can no longer fly, the flowers do not grow as the once did, and the villagers must be on guard, for resurrection is no longer possible. There is hope though, the Queen has called upon the brave to journey through the land on a mission to restore what has been lost. To do so, one must embody all the traits of a knight: bravery, intelligence and wittiness and nobility.

Discover the festival through new eyes as you join in our interactive, all-day Adventure Quest. You will follow clues, solve puzzles and engage in battles of wits. Experience comedy, danger, and the mystical while meeting people to enhance your festival experience. Join the Quest to bring magic back to Hollygrove with the help of nobles and scoundrels alike.

Once you have decided to strike out on great adventure, you may purchase your day of play at the Merlin’s Magic Quest Registration Tent, located near the Front Gate.

Merlin’s Magic
Quest Pricing

Quest Play is $20 per day, recommended for ages 12 and up. Sign up at the Merlin’s Magic Quest Registration Tent, located near the Front Gate.

You may sign up between the hours of 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Sign up hours are to ensure you do not miss any scheduled or timed events.

This price is in addition to the gate ticket price and does not offer any gate ticket discounts.

WHAT does merlin's

Merlin’s Magic Quest offers interactive characters and prizes that are not available to the regular faire attendees.


Once you have your proof of purchase, you will receive:

Quest Bag

Code Of Conduct

Initiation of your Journey