Brothers in Arms!

Knights in shining armor, ladies in majestic gowns, the grandeur of colorful warhorses, all the pomp and pageantry that has thrilled imaginations for five hundred years!
Freshwater Merfolk!

Guests young and old will revel in the magic and wonder that is Blue Mermaids! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see and interact with these maidens of the deep! Don't forget your camera!
The Vodca Family!

Unique Dancing and Gypsy Fun, specializing in MANY forms of original dance, music, comedy, and interpersonal improv interactions!
Raven Song!

From their sweetly somber Slow Airs to their upbeat Jigs, Reels, and Polkas, Raven Song bridges the gap between Celtic Traditional and Celtic Rock bands, taking the audience on a journey traipsing back from the time forgotten ancient isles of Celtic Europe, to the old timey tunes and original melodies deeply inspired by the North American Wilderness.

With a unique acoustic sound and intricate three part vocal harmonies, Roane specializes in Celtic, folk, and maritime music. Their repertoire consists of traditional Celtic melodies, American traditional favorites, and sea shanties with their own personal twist. Roane’s original compositions embrace the spirit of the story-teller.


Dressed in kilts and sunglasses, Tartanic gives its audiences a barrage of sound from not one but TWO Highland Bagpipes, 2 percussionists, 2 smokin' dancers, 8 drums, 6 drones, 18 notes, fast fingers, high comedy, flying bagpipes, taste-defying stunts and scorching hot music played at over 120 beats per minute with driving speed and high-volume, all brought to you by 4 men without pants and 2 talented lasses.
Washing Well Wenches!

Good, clean fun... wet, dirty women.
Ded Bob!

Look into my eye sockets...
Splatter Time Players Mud Show!

James and Lickity grew up living the dream, two identical twin brothers who had it all, wine, women, fame. Performing the Mud Show for their father got them anything they wanted. They were young and invincible until their dad passed...

The two brothers turned their grief on each other and soon feuded over the rights to who gets to carry on their father's legacy. Currently the two have decided to work their issues out in a public forum and let the people decide the fate of their show.
Hob the Troll!

The world's greatest singing troll!
Christophe the Insultor!

Verbal mercenary and comedian who would dearly love to insult the bejesus out of someone for you.
Emrys Fleet, Ratcatcher!

I'm the Rat Catcher Emrys Fleet,

Two Parts of the Rat doth I eat.

The Body and Head

'Twixt two Pieces of Bread,

There's no meat in the Tail..

or the Feet!

well, it rhymes....

The Living Tree!

This is the funniest plant you'll ever meet!
The Bastard Monks!

These brothers wander the land attempting to interpret Bible stories with puppets. This usually ends in a fistfight.
Ric Roc Zoo!

Enjoy a madcap comedy show with juggling, magic and fire!
Manolete's Pyro Gyro Show!
Knotty Nauticals!

Rope-Walking, Comedy, Variety Show!
The Tortuga Twins!

A frolicking Festival favorite comedy group.
The Rogue Blades!

What happens when the great knight Sir James and his faithful Squire Paul are challenged by the dark swordsman Dave the Knave? Lots of laughs and some of the most exciting sword fighting you will see anywhere. This is show the whole family will love.
Flight of the Raptor!

Learn the history of falconry and see these amazing birds in flight!
Delirio del Arte!

Juggling & comedy!
Pippin Puppets!

Lively, interactive children's shows with handmade puppets!
Zingara Music & Dance!

Tribal style and tribal fusion belly dance!
Bocca Musica!

Bawdy, crazy, musical-comedy!
Silent Lion!

Unique blend of medieval, Celtic, bluegrass, Spanish and original acoustic music!
Zoltan the Adequate!

Brilliant? Amazing? No, just adequate! Come see feats of bizarre geek magic and stunts of sheer stupidity! Watch and cringe as Zoltan plays with fire, swallows a four-foot balloon, and more. With over a thousand live performances under his belt, Zoltan will fool, delude you about how you were fooled, deceive you about that delusion, and then bamboozled you about the deception. Surely, a curiosity to be reckoned with.

Crannog brings fresh, new life to Irish, Scottish, Medieval and other traditional music while remaining true to the essence of its roots.
The Village Idiots!

The members of The Village Idiots have been entertaining audiences around the world for years separately, and have now joined their comedic and musical powers to fight against the evil forces of boredom!
Sir Ryosis!

Heeeeez back like a bad rash! Don't miss this magical comedy show!
Michael Manderen!

Help us welcome one of our newest musicians!
A Reasonable Facsimile!

Anne and Rob, multi-instrumentalists, choose the most accessible musical pieces from the European Renaissance and American Colonial periods and explain the instruments, music and history in terms appropriate to the setting. They use humor to convey information to general audiences, and stories and theatrics to bring this music to children!
This list is incomplete, there are more entertainers to be added!

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The Michigan Renaissance Festival is open Weekends & Labor Day • August 22 - October 4, 2015
PLUS Friday, Oct. 2!
10am - 7pm • Rain or Shine!

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Outside Food & Beverage Policy:
The Michigan Renaissance Festival does NOT allow outside food or beverages through our gates unless the food is a medical necessity such as infant formula/baby food. (The Festival will allow one unopened bottle of water per person to be brought through the front gate.) All flasks must be empty before entering the Festival gates! You may bring a cooler to leave in your car if you wish. If you choose to do so it must remain in your car. Patrons are welcome to leave through our gates, receive a hand stamp, return to their car and reenter through our gates later during the same day. Please note: all bags are inspected at the front gate! (This is for our employee's and patron's safety!) If you have any questions, please call 248-634-5552.

Film/Photo Rights:
All film rights are reserved. Commercial use of photos, videos or audio tapes made at the festival without written permission from the marketing department is strictly prohibited. Any cameras with lenses over 12 inches must have prior approval from the marketing department to shoot photos on the Michigan Renaissance Festival grounds.

Weapons Policy:
The Festival bans guns on our premises. Longbows are allowed as long as they are not strung, arrows with tips are not allowed unless you are competing in the longbow competition that day. Swords, knives, dirks and daggers must be completely sheathed and peace-tied. Axes, claymores, maces, antique firearms, pikes and halberds are NOT allowed on the Festival site. No drawing of any weapon at any time. Must be 18 years or older to carry a weapon. If you have additional questions, please contact the Festival Office at 248-634-5552 for more information.

Clothing Policy:
All patrons must arrive and remain fully clothed, including shirts and shoes.

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