Harvest Huzzah | Sept. 24th - 25th

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BBQ Festival & Competition | Sept. 24th - 25th


Come out and indulge in delicious BBQ as local Pit Masters gear up for the Annual BBQ Competition! Located in the Valley of Aberdare

BBQ Vendors available all day. Competition is Sunday

Award Ceremony @ 5pm



Archery Championships | Begins @ 11am
Front Parking Lot


Cost: $15 and includes admission ticket into the Festival.
Need a bow and arrows? Rent one for just $5 on the day of the event.


Introducing the inaugural Michigan Renaissance Archery Championships hosted by Rising Phoenix. We have partnered with MRF to hold the coolest barebow event in the state! Feel free to dress in your tournament best!
The event features 3 age divisions with participants separated by gender. All participants must use a bare bow setup:
Bow may be longbow, recurve or Genesis compound bow. Bow must be shot using fingers (glove or tab permitted). Bow string may have up to two nocking locators but neither can be used as a sight aid. Bow may NOT feature a sight or level (including marks made along the sighting window or riser. IE Camo), draw length checker (kisser or clicker) or stabilizer. Plunger is permitted.
Arrows may be shot from shelf, top of hand or a basic arrow rest. No magnetic, “fang”, “lizard tongue” or other modern arrow rests will be allowed. arrows may be made of wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber or aluminum. Arrows may be fletched with feathers or vanes. Only target and field points are permitted, no broadheads.

Archers will shoot on a FITA standard 60cm target from a distance associated with their age category. Divisions are separated by gender.
  • College/Adults will compete at 25 yards
  • High School (Grades 9-12) will compete at 20 yards
  • Middle school and younger (up to grade 8) will compete at 15 yards.

Scoring in qualifying rounds will be scored using FITA rules. Arrows touching the higher scoring ring will be awarded the higher score. During and before scoring, no one is permitted to touch the arrows. Archers will score as a group. If there is a disputed arrow score, then a field judge may be called to make a ruling. Field judge will have the final call.
  • Participants will shoot one (1) practice round and four (4) scoring rounds.


  • Top 8 scoring archers in each category will advance to single elimination rounds. 1v8, 2v7, 3v6, 4v5


  • Single elimination rounds will score X as eleven (11). Archers will shoot 3 arrows per match. In event of a tie, archer with arrow closest to the center wins the match.

Participants will only participate in one day of the event and must specify only one selection on registration form. You will be contacted if desired day is full.
  • A limit of 40 participants spots are available per day, per age category.


  • Awards for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners each day.


  • All participants are required to sign a Waiver of Liability for both Michigan Renaissance Festival and Rising Phoenix Archery at check-in.


  • Check-in begins at 10am and closes 15 minutes before start time for shooting line. Unclaimed spots will be filled on first come basis at close of check-in. Walk-ups ok if space is available.


Shooting Times:
  • College/Adults  – 11am to 1pm
  • High School – 1pm to 3pm
  • Middle School or Younger – 3pm to 5pm


Wine Tastings

Wine Tastings

Sample local Michigan wines and meades! Must be 21 or older!

Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday Noon - 6pm | In the Valley of Aberdare


Race for the Rattle | Saturday Only | 1:45pm
Upson Downs Stage

Race for the Rattle

Parents, rally your crawlers! In this adorable race babies crawl to the finish line in hopes of winning an exciting prize for the whole family. Participants also receive a FREE T-Shirt!