Highland Fling | Aug. 27th - 28th

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Highland Fling | Aug. 27th - 28th

Highland Heavy Games


Amateur Games take place on Saturday @ 11:45a - 1:30p & 2:30p - 4:00p, Professional Games take place on Sunday! Stop by to watch the sheaf toss, hammer throw, stone put and the Fan Favorite caber toss!

18th Annual
Can-Am Highland Games Championship!
Not a mere competition but an EVENT!

An announcer who provides running commentary on the event and athletes participating. A judge who provides hilarious commentary about the athletes and events. A weekend filled with throwing “Heavy Things”. Athletes, Announcer and Judge all interact with the audience. Athletes from United States and Canada compete for the “Dragon’s Trophe”!
23lb Stone Toss (similar to shot-put the use of 1 hand)

** Stand behind a toe board and PUSH with 1 hand a 23lb stone as far as possible**
** Women throw a 16lb stone **

56lb Weight for Distance (Spin with a 56lb weight and toss it)

** The implement is a block of iron 56lbs with a 9 inch chain attached the athlete spins with it to throw it farther than his competition **
** Women throw a 28lb weight **

55lb Hammer Throw (The only place in the world with a 55lb hammer toss)

** A hammer made completely out of iron 55lb is swung around the head and tossed for distance **
Caber (20ft log tossed for accuracy)
** A 20ft log is stood on its small end; Athlete picks it up and attempts to throw it end over end to land away from the athlete perfectly straight **

56lb weight for height (1 handed toss over a high bar with a 56lb weight)

** By use of the same 56lb weight that was tossed for distance now must be tossed for height over a bar **

Saturday: Masters Competition (45 years and older), Open Amateurs

Sunday: Professional Men Competition | Open Amateur Women’s competition


Flint Scottish Pipe Band

Flint Scottish Pipe Band

The Flint Scottish Pipe Band has the distinction of being the oldest continuously running Pipe Band in Michigan. It was founded in 1916 by Scottish Immigrants intent on preserving their Scottish Heritage through the music and dress of their homeland. The Flint Scottish Pipe Band introduces the tradition of the Highland Band to communities through performance in parades, competitions and special events!


Race for the Rattle | Saturday Only
1:45p on the Upson Downs Stage

Race for the Rattle

Parents, rally your crawlers! In this adorable race babies crawl to the finish line in hopes of winning an exciting prize for the whole family. Participants also receive a FREE T-Shirt!